What causes cemetery stones to wear out over time?

4 October 2018
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Stone is a popular material for gravesites because it's durable and convenient to use. Special messages can be engraved on stone to carry the memory of your loved one for many years to come. As durable as stones and rocks are, forces of man and nature tend to wear them out over time. Indeed, chemical reactions, outside weather conditions, and the nature of the stone itself will play a role in its overall lifespan. Read More 

Tips for Choosing a Headstone

30 April 2018
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Choosing a headstone, whether for someone who has already passed away or because you're pre-planning your own funeral, can be a challenge as headstones come in a variety of materials and styles. To ensure you understand those details and opt for the right headstone for you or someone else, note a few tips that will help when choosing this piece. Know what it will say Many headstones will include more than just someone's name and dates of their birth and death; a headstone might also include a poem, bible verse or favourite saying of the deceased. Read More 

Celebrating a Special Bond: Should You Bring the Deceased’s Dog to Their Funeral Service?

3 January 2018
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When someone passes away, all of those who knew them and cared about them will want to pay their respects by attending the funeral service. If the deceased had a beloved dog, you might want to consider whether the dog should be present too. While it can be a respectful and moving idea, there are a few things that need to be thought about. The First Step Talk to a funeral director to find out whether it's in fact possible to bring the deceased's dog. Read More 

Funeral Arrangements – To Plan In Advance or Not?

9 October 2017
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Nobody likes to contemplate their eventual demise. Thus, individuals typically will not take the time to pre-plan their funeral arrangements. When death is sudden and not due to an illness, the remaining loved ones are left scrambling to make the appropriate arrangements and foot the expenses. However, it does not have to be this way. Just as you would take out a life insurance policy for yourself, you should also consider pre-planning your funeral too. Read More 

What to Say to Atheists at a Funeral When You’re Religious

22 March 2017
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If you're religious, it can be very difficult to know what to say when attending a funeral with atheists and agnostics. There's a stark difference between what the two groups believe about death, and saying the wrong thing could upset the atheistic friends and family of the deceased. Comments like "he's with God now," for example, may feel well-intentioned on your part, but they're not appropriate to say to someone who does not believe in God. Read More