4 Fundamental Guidelines On Reducing Total Asian Funeral Expenses

5 January 2023
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The cost of planning a funeral such as an Asian funeral can be high, and the expenses can become a burden on the bereaved family. Therefore, if you are in charge of a funeral for your family, you must consider the financial implications. In general, it is advisable to choose a funeral home to handle the funeral service. The funeral director can guide you in creating a respectful memorial based on your budget. In addition to choosing a professional, here are tips on reducing your total expenses.

Choose Burial Over Cremation

You should compare the costs of burial and cremation because your choice will determine the total expenses. However, you must also consider the wishes of the deceased and the practices upheld in the family. If you are concerned about the costs, consider cremation. Burial can be expensive because of the price of cemetery plots. If you choose a burial, inquire about the different plots available in your locale and compare the prices.

Minimise The Funeral Delays

If you choose a direct burial or cremation, you can reduce the expenses for the funeral. This option is ideal if you are not planning on hosting a viewing ceremony or conducting the memorial service with the body present. Direct burial or cremation will reduce the cost of handling the body through preparation by a mortician, transportation for the service and management after the service. Moreover, you can eliminate embalming because the preservation process is unnecessary without prolonged funeral arrangements. However, you should discuss the details with the family to avoid conflicts.

Understand Casket And Urn Costs

The cost of purchasing a casket or urn for a funeral might add up. Therefore, understand the options on the market and find the best match for your budget. If you have chosen a burial, select a basic casket to reduce costs. Avoid caskets with add-ons such as gaskets for additional protection. These elements do not offer long-term protection from decomposition and can increase total expenses exponentially. If you are planning a cremation, you can choose a more affordable urn material instead of decorative products. Also, consider purchasing your urn or casket from a specialist vendor for a wide range of items.

Consider The Memorial Service

You should determine the best approach to holding an affordable service for the funeral. You can discuss your specific needs with your funeral director to find the best match. Often, funeral homes have packages with different elements at varying prices. However, it is more beneficial to customise the funeral with your budget in mind.   

Learn more about Asian funerals by reaching out to a local funeral home near you.