Ways To Offer A Personal Touch To A Loved One's Memorial Stone

23 August 2022
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Traditionally, memorial stones show the name and life dates of a loved one. Some also have a quote or notation. You may decide you want to make memorials for your loved ones more personal. There are many ways you can do this to remember your loved ones and special personal attributes you want to remain in your memories forever. Here are some of the personal touches you can add to the stones and what to know about each addition. 


Many people have hobbies ranging from sewing to writing or outdoor entertainment. These hobbies become a part of your memories. They also become a recognizing factor to the person when you think of them. For example, your grandmother may love to create quilts. This is something you remember her offering as gifts for birthdays and holidays. You may remember the quilts everywhere in the home. You can have an image of someone quilting or a quilt with needle and thread added to the memorial. This gives an added touch that brings up many good memories. 


If your loved one had a favourite location, you may want to add that to the memorials. This is usually done as a background piece or landscape portrait. The favourite location says a lot about the loved one. It also can bring up memories of vacation spots, summer travels and other heartwarming memories. A memorial stone artisan can take the idea and create the ideal landscape image with your loved one's name and information at the forefront of the image. They can even use colour to help enhance and intensify the landscape image. 


A portrait of your loved one is an ideal way to create an ongoing memorial for them. You have several options with the portrait. For example, you can have a photographic portrait added to the memorial. You can also have a black and white etching done directly into the granite. If it is a dual memorial, such as a husband and wife, you can have the portrait of both placed in the middle of the monument. 

Creating the right memorials relies heavily on you and your input. Decide what images, wording and other personal attributes you want on the stones. Take your ideas to your memorial artisan or funeral home. They can use your ideas to create the ideal memorial stones for your loved ones. They can also suggest ideas that may enhance the memorial stone. If you have questions about the upgrades and enhancements, ask during your initial consultation.