Unique Ideas for Headstone Designs

28 June 2021
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Funeral pre-planning includes choosing a headstone. There are several traditional designs to choose from. You may find that these designs do not convey the love and life you have or that your loved one has. With that in mind, you can choose to use a unique design that is more personal and customizable. Here are some unique ideas to spark your creativity and leave a long-lasting memorial for your loved ones left behind. 

Book Quotes

If you or your family loves books, a book quote from a favourite book or poem may be ideal. You can have this etched into the side of the headstone. It can also be placed under the name and date section of the headstone. Other headstone designs can also be done to create a completely unique look while showcasing not only the life that is lived but also the love and joy a specific written passage may have on that life. Movie quotes, music, and other quotes can also be used in this type of design.

Life Events 

There are historical events that occur over the course of a lifetime. Some of these life events are personal while others are global. It can often amaze someone to find out the various life events that someone has been through and witnessed first-hand. You can have these events added to your or a loved ones headstone in a list or even timeline format. This can be a long-lasting testament to not only the history occurring during their lifetime, but also to the part you or loved one played in that history. 

Family Tree

A unique design that is increasing in popularity is to have a family tree etched into the headstone. This headstone design showcases the family tree as it was when the loved one passed away. It can give a testament to the history of the family and show a long-lasting connection to not only living family members but also to important family members in the family tree. This type of design brings memories, rekindles thoughts and helps surviving family members to pass on the history of the family to younger generations. 

If these ideas sparked your creativity and led you to a headstone design, contact your local memorial artisan. Local funeral homes or your funeral director can direct you to private artisans and monument companies. They can also offer you options depending on your pre-planning terms and conditions.