Subtle Services Offered by Funeral Homes Today

22 April 2021
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Most, if not all, funerals are sombre, and attempts to breathe life into such occasions are considered taboo. People fail to understand how others can be happy in a situation where most are sad. However, that is a traditional way of viewing funeral services. Rather than adopt a sombre mood, funeral home directors are doing everything within their power to lighten the atmosphere during funeral services. This article highlights modern services that funeral homes have adopted to help grieving families.

Therapy Dogs

The loss of a loved one can be overwhelming, making it difficult for some people to cope. Although friends and family can be of great support, there is no denying that affected persons are often in a world of their own. It is the reason therapy dogs are becoming popular in funeral homes. The dogs are trained to provide comfort and support to grieving families. Their genuine and honest demeanour helps families manage grief better, especially during a funeral service. Therapy dogs are particularly of great benefit to grieving children who cannot express their feeling like adults. For some modern funeral homes, therapy dogs are a critical part of the staff.

Death Cafes

Any reputable funeral home understands that managing stigma allows quality service. This understanding has led some funeral homes to introduce death cafes. Designed just like a traditional café, a death café creates space for families to gather and share. The cozy and welcoming spaces make it easier to broach taboo topics like death. Remember, death cafes also serve beverages and snacks because food tends to gather people together. Therefore, the slice of cake and cup of tea a funeral home provides in their café helps create a community that lends a listening ear to grieving families.

Grief Meditation Centres

People deal with grief in different ways, and meditation is one. Meditation allows you to be mindful of your body, which goes a long way in keeping emotions under control. Since meditation spaces are supposed to be quiet, they are an excellent addition to a funeral home. Furthermore, starting a meditation centre for grieving individuals is not difficult as long as a funeral home has enough space. Anyone wishing to meditate on their grief only needs a few sessions to understand how to go about the process. Besides, meditation centres conduct follow ups to ensure that grieving persons benefit from the process.

Reach out to a funeral director to learn more.