Preparing a Funeral Chapel for Live-Streaming a Service

25 April 2019
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If you're planning a private funeral chapel service for a person that had friends and family located around the globe, it may not be possible for everyone to fly in to attend the service. In this case, you may wish to live-stream the funeral service so people can log in to pay their respects from wherever they are in the world. Read on to find out everything you need to know about preparing a funeral chapel for live-streaming a funeral service.

The internet connection

The first thing you will need to consider is if there is an internet connection in the chapel. If there isn't an internet connection, you will need to use a mobile router, although you will need to check that the chapel has an adequate signal. If the chapel has an internet connection, you will need to conduct an internet speed test so you can check its quality and stability. To do this, simply connect a device by logging into the internet using the chapel router. You can then use a speed test site to check out if the internet is fast enough to stream a video. You will typically need speeds of around 3-4 Mbps in order to stream a video over the internet.

The lighting

Once you have checked out the speed of the internet connection, you should turn your attention to the lighting in the chapel. Many funeral chapels, particularly older buildings, have very poor lighting. If there isn't much natural light and inadequate electrical lighting, you may find that the images that are broadcast over the internet are too dark, making it difficult to see what is happening. Once you have tested out the camera, if the image looks too dark, you should speak with the funeral director about the possibility of bringing in additional lighting for the service.

The acoustics

Finally, you should consider if your web broadcast will have sound. It is a good idea to have sound as part of the broadcast so that people watching can hear the eulogy and any hymns or music which form part of the funeral service. You may need to invest in additional microphones which will be able to clearly pick up the words which are spoken during the service.

If you would like further advice and information about preparing a funeral chapel for a live web broadcast, you should make contact with your local funeral service. The funeral director will be happy to help you.