Critical Benefits of Monuments Over Flat Grave Markers

28 January 2022
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When choosing a memorial stone for a loved one's grave, the most popular options are monuments and grave markers. The main difference is that flat grave markers lie flush on top of a grave while a monument sits upright. The orientation of the latter is deliberate and offers significant advantages. While there is nothing wrong with choosing a grave marker over a monument, it is essential to know the unique benefits of choosing a monument.

Water Drains to the Ground

Accumulated water is detrimental to memorial stones; therefore, you should consider the issue when shopping. One of the most significant advantages of monuments is that water drains to the ground. Notably, flat markers allow water to collect on top, accelerating deterioration. It might explain why flat gravestones are discouraged in wet regions that receive regular rainfall. Besides, you must spend more time drying flat markers after cleaning to prevent water from pooling on the surface longer than necessary. Since water automatically flows to the ground on a monument, maintenance time is significantly reduced.


Frequent visits to a loved one's grave are common among families and friends since they help deal with grief. Some people revisit a graveyard to talk to the deceased, while others use the area as a meditation spot. Whichever is the case, locating a grave spot is usually challenging for most people during the first few visits, especially if a cemetery is big. It is even harder with flat memorial stones because you have to confirm the names on the stone before proceeding. On the other hand, monuments are easily noticeable since they stand upright rather than flat. Thus, you can easily spot a monument from a distance, especially if it has a unique design, saving you time and effort.

Infinite Designs

Monuments are bigger than headstones and flat markers, which comes with unlimited design options. Notably, there is only so much you can do with a small grave marker as far as designing goes. For instance, complex designs are difficult to achieve on small headstones because breaks are high. You do not have to worry about changing your mind regarding the design you want on a stone with monuments. Since a carver has a lot of material to work with, the likelihood of making mistakes is significantly reduced. It means you do not have to waste time choosing the next best design since the first cannot be carved on a small headstone.

If you're interested in purchasing a monument, contact a funeral home in your area.