Benefits of Using a Single Monument for Family Plots

23 December 2020
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An increasing number of people are using funeral and end-of-life planning services. One aspect of this service is to choose the monuments you want for your burial site as well as for other members of the family. Though there is a tradition to choose a monument for each burial spot, there is a change that many people are considering and using. This change is to opt for single cemetery monuments instead. Here are some of the benefits and what you should consider.

Less Room

The issue many people have with traditional family burial sites is the lack of room around the actual grave. In fact, there are many cemeteries that have such close quarters that the spaces are even tight for walking. When you choose a single monument for a family site, you offer the option of taking up less room in the site. This gives more room to move around, to place memorial items, or to gather and remember the family member. There are also multiple ways you can have the monument placed, including in the middle of the burial site.

Style Options

There are several style options available for single monuments. For example, you can go with both vertical and horizontal options that are thinner than most traditional monuments. This offers you the chance to expand upward or outward depending on your space constraints and needs for the monument. You can also go with monuments that showcase just a border with a center devoted to memory name plaques for each of the family members in the burial site. If you want something more personal, you can opt for pictures or special engravings of multiple names and dates. 

Multiple Names 

The greatest benefit that many people get from opting for a single cemetery monument is the ability to place multiple names on the monument. You can do this with traditional engravings or you can choose to have bronze or other metal memorial plates placed on the monument. This allows people to see who is buried at the family plot and see all the information you would see on a traditional monument. 

These are just a few of the benefits of opting for a single monument over multiple monuments for different family plots. If you would like to move forward with the idea of a single cemetery monument, contact your local funeral home as well as your monument artisan. They can help you with options and discuss pricing for engraving.