What services does a funeral home offer?

5 December 2019
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A funeral home is a physical location where a firm of funeral directors is based. It normally has a number of functions, ranging from practical to emotional support. A firm of funeral directors can be instrumental in helping a family and friends of a loved one move forward in their grief and to begin the healing process.

Office and business

A funeral home is first and foremost a business. It needs to be able to offer a warm and sympathetic welcome to people visiting who are seeking help. Choosing a funeral home involves understanding their role both as a business and as a source of support. Whilst it will typically operate normal business hours, a fair amount of its work be done in the evening and during the night. As such, it must be able to operate at these times.

The funeral home and a firm of funeral directors look after all the paperwork relating to the deceased. This often involves having to notify relevant authorities of the death, as well as all the paperwork relating to the funeral or cremation. This may get quite complicated if the deceased died abroad or in another state and needs to be transported home.


Costs can vary quite considerably, normally dependent upon the type of funeral. It is important that the funeral home is upfront about its costs at the start, and helps guide the family through the financial process. If the deceased or their family has a funeral plan or funeral insurance in place, this will help clarify things, both in terms of cost and in terms of what type of funeral will take place.


The funeral home will act as a repository for the deceased from the time of death through to the funeral itself. This may well involve some type of embalming as well. It is crucial that they have proper refrigeration facilities and systems in place to ensure proper identification of the person at all times.

The firm of funeral directors will be responsible for the removal of the deceased from their home or a nursing home to the funeral home itself. This may well happen at night. The funeral home must be able and ready to function at all times, both in terms of personnel and facilities.


The funeral home will normally offer the option of a family viewing of the deceased before the funeral takes place. This means they must have the facilities not only to embalm but also to do any restorative work to the person that needs doing.

They must also have some type of chapel of rest where the deceased can be laid, normally in an open casket, and where a family viewing can take place.

Monuments and memorials

The funeral home is likely to have its own company that can construct monuments and memorials. Even if they do not, they will be able to advise which local firms can help in this area.

Some of the larger funeral homes may also have their own facilities for offering the funeral itself. They may also have some type of memorial garden that can offer a place of rest for both the deceased and for the family.

To learn more, contact a funeral home in your area.